Sometimes the only solution to scratches in hardwood floor may seem to be an appropriately placed area rug to cover the scratches. If this is the solution you choose, be sure to use a rug with a backing that is safe for your hardwood floor. Sometimes the rubber backing on area rugs can react with the floor finish and cause discoloring to the floor. Wet rugs can also be detrimental to hardwood floors. Remove a rug if it is wet or dirty and be sure the rug is clean and dry before you replace it. Persian Rug Cleaningis actually not as big a problem as everyone thinks. If you want to keep something clean, don't get it dirty in the first place. Bare or sock-clad feet are gentler on your rugs as compared to your outdoor shoes. It would be best to keep your shoes outside, that is if it is in accordance to your lifestyle. Persian Rug Repair Sun damage: The light of the sun can affect and diminish the colors of the rug. If this is your case, try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or rotate the rug so as to make the color equal in its entire surface. Persian rugs are very different from oriental rugs or carpets made in any other country. They are known for their intricate floral designs. They are usually dyed using vegetable pigments, thus giving them long lasting color. Moreover, these carpets are made of high quality wool. Oriental carpets, on the other hand, are made of silk. Whatever the tolerance level, there are different treatments available. It is possible to remove the urine from the rug by submerging the rug in special cleaning chemicals to fully remove the odour with a 100% success. This would need to be done by a professional and certified Rug Cleaningcompany. (Look for a company with a 100% money back guarantee.) There are also surface treatments available for when the smell really isn't that bad. Another do-it-yourself method that you might be surprised about is simply using the washing machine. Now this is where you have to be very careful because certain backings may break apart. If the backing is a skin backing, then you are in business. At the time of vacuuming wall-to-wall carpeting, it is a very good idea to divide your carpet or floor into quadrants. After doing it, you should start by cleaning one complete quadrant before moving on to the other. This will help you handle the cleaning task in a much better way. If you adored this article and you would such as to get even more information concerning Libreria Edebe write an article kindly check out our web-site.